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Welcome to the official Melody Street Wiki, A wiki based on the three cartoons created by Macey Mello where anyone can do what they want! (NO VANDALIZING!)

Melody Street is the cartoon that parodies girl cartoons. It's about the adventures of Melody, Tempo, and their pals in Melody Street, USA.

Kawaii Kulture is the manga that parodies cliche animes and manga. It's about Himeko Sabaki (aka Hime-Chan) and her friends in who tried to live their normal lives when it comes to disasters and trouble.

Jewel Planet is the Wattpad novel that inspired Steven Universe, Land of the Lustrous, and Fraggle Rock. It's about a dancing and curious Opal by the name of Oriana who doesn't want to live royalty and wishes to be the greatest DJ in Jewel Planet.

This Wiki is also for Sane/NON-SJW Tumblr users

This Wiki is probably the official Melody Street website.

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